Diabetic? 4 Tips for how to Enjoy Halloween

Halloween is a holiday many look forward to each year. It symbolizes the changing of the weather, leaves, and kicks off the holiday season. The trademarks of Halloween have been all things pumpkin, spookiness, and of course, candy. While candy can be eaten any other day of the year, it is the thing kids look forward to the most. Unfortunately, children and adults with diabetes face an internal candy dilemma since they can’t eat a lot of candy or as much of it. Never fear, there are still ways to have fun, if you plan ahead. If you are a type 2 diabetic, here are 4 tips for how you can still enjoy Halloween.

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1: Supplement with Non-Food Options:

Make more non-food activity choices such as pumpkin carving contests, Set up a Halloween arts and crafts table, themed games, or make your own haunted house. If you plan on staying in, you can still do these things, just modify them, or select a movie line up and have a scary movie night!

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2: Halloween is More than the Candy

This is the year to transform your yard into the Halloween scene of your dreams. Or, maybe you want to take your costume game to the next level and make your own for you or the entire family. Making costumes can be fun. Don’t just buy one online. Go to thrift stores, etc. to find all the perfect pieces. The point is, if you make Halloween about the candy, it will be about the candy. However, there are so many more fun things to focus on.

3: Emergency Candy

Turn the candy curse against itself and use it to treat a sugar low. Non-chocolate candy like Skittles and Starburst are good to keep on hand and can level out your blood sugar level when it gets too low. Chocolate and other higher-fat candy can be not as effective to treat those low blood sugar moments, so be selective and keep a little emergency bag just in case.

4: Getting Rid of Temptation 

If all else fails, removing the temptation is your best bet. Dump out your candy loot, then select the favorites and donate the rest. Have kids pick their favorites to enjoy a few pieces a week, (don’t forget to keep a bit for the emergency sugar lows!) Some organizations send candy to soldiers overseas or even children in the hospital. Get a list here and make a plan!

This Halloween may look a bit different than other years, but the fact is, too much candy isn’t good for anyone. Plan ahead with your kids to let them know what to expect and how it is important to their health. This year might be a great time to explore all the other fun stuff that Halloween has to offer besides candy.

There's more to October 31st than sweets, learn more about diabetes research today.

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