A Healthier You: Get Moving

As we continue our two-part “A Healthier You” series, we’re going to talk about how to get moving. When your familiar places to break a sweat are potential hot spots, you have to get creative. Exercise is another foundational part of any weight loss routine. You’ll find that keeping active has benefits that will blow your mind.

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Get Moving in Your Home

COVID-19 has forced our minds to work harder to find ways to do things still, but in a safer environment. Exercise is no exception. Not only is staying active essential in any weight loss journey, but it’s also proven to benefit your overall mental health at any age. Exercise helps fight depression and anxiety symptoms. Those who are active are less tired and more energized. Let’s look at some activities you can do right in your home:

  • Exergames: If you have a gaming system, try ones that have dancing, tennis, bowling, or other sports to help you get moving.
  • Online Classes: Sign up for one of the many free online classes. Pick something you will enjoy and look forward to.
  • Weights: If you don’t have weights, you can lift water bottles, canned goods, and other items. Just be safe.
  • Chores Count: Utilize chores as a way to get active, put on some music, and have fun with it!

Get Moving Safely Outside

We understand that staying home gets monotonous, and many have been home for the better part of the year, trying to keep safe. Utilize your immediate surroundings, such as the front and back yard, as much as possible. You can always walk around a school or park track at a time when there aren’t many others around. Other ideas include:

  • Run or walk up and down the bleachers in a stadium if you can.
  • Walk, run, or bike around the neighborhood every day you can, take the kids and dogs too.  
  • Make your own obstacle course using things around your home and yard. Time yourself and then strive to beat it!

If you have a fever, cough, or are having trouble breathing, you should consult your doctor to ensure it’s safe to exercise. If you are just starting your weight loss journey, start slow, gradually increasing the duration, distance, and intensity of activity.

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