DGD offers an option to have certain prescriptions filled at our in-house Pharmacy conveniently located within our clinic.

For a list of specific medications we fill or for generalized questions, please contact our Pharmacy staff at:
(210) 614-8615

Pharmacy Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Insurance Accepted

How it works:

Our pharmacy is a conventional pharmacy, meaning we file with insurance.
We are a cash only pharmacy and our prices are significantly discounted as opposed to most insurance tier rates.
Although at times our pricings may be subject to change, they are still at a lower rate.
We can offer 6 month and 12 month Prescription refills.


Yes we accept insurance. PATIENTS ARE SAVING TIME because of the built-in convenience. Patients keep choosing DGD Clinic Pharmacy because of the convenience of keeping 6-month and 12-month medication supplies on hand. Fill and purchase three prescriptions together and save an additional $2.00 per prescription. ($2-promotional offer valid on in-clinic prescription purchases only. Not applicable to mailed prescriptions.)
Prescriptions are routinely ready within minutes of the end of your office visit. Refills are routinely ready within minutes of your phoned-in or in-person requests. You will likely receive a call as you are checking-out from your appointment that your prescriptions are ready for pick-up. These calls will appear on your phone as the DGD Clinic, (210) 614-8612.

We can order items not currently listed.  Call (210) 614-8615 for more details or come by the pharmacy to inquire while you’re waiting to be seen.  We will be happy to quote you a price.

You may fill any time, including the day of your appointment, at DGD Pharmacy, no matter what’s at home.  If you need it early for vacation, work travel, because you live outside of San Antonio or any distance from the clinic, or it’s just more convenient, you are welcome to fill your prescriptions. Please call (210) 614-8615 from home or from your seat in the lobby to place your order. Often, your refills will be ready-for-pick-up BEFORE you are called back to see your doctor or nurse practitioner!

For a $4 fee*, your prescription refills can be mailed to you. Likewise, you have the option of calling (210) 614-8615 to have your script transferred elsewhere. Remember, at DGD Pharmacy, your insurance can’t block an early refill, so if you are in clinic for a follow up, don’t hesitate to pick up an early refill. (*$8 mail fee for larger bulky orders.)

Without insurance, your cost for insulin (like Toujeo® or Humalog®), other injectables (like Trulicity®or Ozempic ®), BRANDED items (like Jardiance®, Farxiga® or Vascepa®), or testing supplies (like FreeStyle Libre®, OneTouch Verio®, or AccuChek®) would be hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. It is more advantageous for you to fill these items elsewhere using your insurance.


If it’s on the list or can be ordered (see above) just present a valid written prescription to DGD Pharmacy. Alternatively, you can call (210) 614-8615 and the pharmacist can call your doctor to request a new prescription on your behalf.
You are welcome to fill your prescriptions at DGD Clinic Pharmacy. Anyone interested in our cost-savings plan, with valid prescriptions, whether or not seen by a DGD provider, is welcome. Family and friends are welcome!
Yes, for a $4 fee*, prescriptions can be mailed to your home and are typically delivered within 24 hours. (*$8 fee for larger bulky orders.)
DGD Pharmacy doesn’t fill 30-day prescriptions but can fill 90-day prescriptions. The cost for a 90-day supply is approximately half of the 180-day cost, rounding up to the nearest whole dollar. (Example: 90-days of ROSUVASTATIN would cost $24.)
Medication adherence is a well-studied factor in health outcomes of patients. When patients have a reliable and consistent supply of medication, there is greater adherence to medication regimens, resulting in improved health outcomes. The most important reason the DGD Pharmacy was established was to improve patient medication adherence by removing two common barriers to medication: cost and convenience. Prescriptions for 6 and 12 months remove the burden of frequent trips to the pharmacy to obtain important medications. DGD Clinic passes on substantial discounts for prescriptions, often equal to or less than what patients pay using their insurance.

Masks are Still Required

DGD will continue to practice proven methods for controlling the spread of COVID-19, including universal masking, screening of all staff, patients, and visitors, as well as practicing safe social distancing.