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We have specialized treatments for children, adults and seniors. The best personalized treatments and the best procedures.

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Studies determine the safety and effectiveness of medications. DGD Clinic participates in a variety of research studies.

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All of our physicians are board-certified in Endocrinology and Metabolism, a sub-specialty of Internal Medicine. Our providers are first class and recognized in each specialty that they perform in our institution.

Diabetes & Glandular Disease Clinic in San Antonio, TX

We offer the best treatments for hormonal and metabolic disorders such as Type 1, Type 2 & Gestational Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, Osteoporosis, Lipid Disorders (High Cholesterol), Pituitary & Adrenal Gland Disease, Menstrual Disorders & Hirsutism (Excessive Facial Hair on Women).

“Most recognized specialized hospitalization center in South Texas”

Diabetes & Glandular Blog

A healthier you: get moving, woman running, weight loss clinic, blog

A Healthier You: Get Moving

As we continue our two-part “A Healthier You” series, we’re going to talk about how to get moving. When your familiar places to break a sweat are potential hot spots, you have to get creative. Exercise is another foundational part of any weight loss routine. You’ll find that keeping active has benefits that will blow

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A Healthier You: Eating Well, blog, weight loss, healthy diet,

A Healthier You: Eating Well

Diet and exercise are the foundations of overall wellness. Considering our new normal plays out in the middle of a pandemic, getting started or continuing on a health journey can be challenging. In our two-part blog series, “A Healthier You,” we begin with eating well and how to be successful in your weight loss journey.

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Diabetes and healthy feet, research

Diabetes and Healthy Feet – Take a Step in the Right Direction

Over 34 million people in America have diabetes. It can affect many different parts of the body. It is associated with severe complications such as heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and lower-limb amputation, and more. It is the leading cause of limb loss, affecting over 65,000 people annually. A foot ulcer precedes 85% of diabetes-related amputations.

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Dr. Mahendra Ghanta


Dr. Ghanta

Dr. Mahendra Ghanta is a Board-Certified Endocrinologist with a background in internal medicine. Dr. Ghanta is highly regarded by his patients and peers with over a decade of practicing medicine in Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and several states in the U.S.